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1. What genre's song in below my blog?
    A. Rock and roll
    B. Pop music
    C. Ragae
    D. American Indie
    E. Dangdut
answer : D. American Indie Pop. Because we can hear for the song and its sure what's genre is.

2. What is the synonym from dazzled?
    A. Dark.
    B. Deep
    C. Strong
    D. Weak
    E. Poor
answer : C. Strong.

3. When that song was released?
   A. October, 2013
   B. April, 2013
   C. October, 2012
   D. November, 2012
   E. November, 2013
answer : A. October 1st, 2013

4. What is the meaning "a moonbeam brushes across my face" from lyric bright?
    A. there's much moonbeam on her face.
    B. feels like any shine's strong in front of her face.
    C. she have many brushes for her face.
    D. she highly pesimistic about their love life.
    E. she highly optimistic about their love life
answer : E. she highly optimistic about their love life. that was Echosmiths band means.

5. What mainly the song talked about?
    A. Echosmith describe how lovers stand out against all of the other details of life
    B. Echosmith explain that all people can't be falling in love
    C. Echosmith telling that you can't be too strong about love
    D. Echosmith describe about many people afraid to love herself.
    E. Echosmith never want listeners to love eachother.
answer : A. Describe how lovers stand out against all of the other details of life.


6. What the text "The Colosseum" telling about?
    A. To invite people come to that place
    B. To remake story about history of Colosseum
    C. To describe all about Colesseum in Rome
    D. To explain that the amazing structure was in Rome
    E. To announce that the place was amazing.
answer : C. To describe all about Colloseum in Rome

7. The Colosseum was designed for many people are watch until?
    A. 10.000 people
    B. 20.000 people
    C. 9.000 people
    D.30.000 people
    E. 50.000 people
answer : E. 50.000 people

8. What the shape of that tower?
    A. Square amphitheatre
    B. Oval amphitheatre
    C. Circle amphitheatre
    D. Triangle amphitheatre
    E. Cube amphitheatre
answer : B. Oval amphitheatre

9. Name of Colosseum its taken from one of statue named ....
    A. Colossus
    B. Nepton
    C. Colompus
    D. Colombia
    E. Celecium
answer : A. Colossus. Because it's successor of Nero from Sol's God of the sun.

10. What size of that statue?
      A. 55 m
      B. 20 m
      C. 35 m
      D. 40 m
      E. 50 m
answer : D. 40 or the height was 130 feets.


11. What's camel have on its back?
      A. Hump
      B. Wings
      C. Fin
      D. Scale
      E. Pouch
answer : A. Hump or distinctive fatty

12. Why camels are animal that many different beside another animals?
      A. they have hair for self-defense.
      B. They have four legs.
      C. They are mammals.
      D. They able to withstand changes in water consumption
      E. They not able to withstand changes in body temperature
answer : D. They able to withstand changes in water consumption. Also in body temperature that would kill most other animals.

13. What the character of Camelus dromedarius?
      A. From Asian
      B. Have two rows of thick eyelashes
      C. Have just one hump
      D. Have long tongue
      E. Have even-toed ungulate
answer : C. Have just one hump. different from Camelus Bactrianus has two humps

14. What symbolises in Arab Cultures, except?
      A. Patience, ta'asub, and endurance
      B. Tolerance, grumpy, and endurance
      C. Weak, tolerance, and patience
      D. Grumpy, Weak, and ta'asub
      E. Patience, endurance, and tolerance
answer : E. Patience, endurance and tolerance

15. A thirsty camel can drink up to ... liters
     A. 125
     B. 135
     C. 150
     D. 110
     E. 145
answer : B. 135 Liters


16. Why the writer choose that place or "Gardenice"?
      A. Because she want play in there tomorrow.
      B. Because she has hobby ice skating in there.
      C. Because she made that place
      D. Because the place was near from her house
      E. Because she dreamed of that place to go.
answer : B. she has hobby ice skating and was third house after her house and school.

17. Where is the location that place stay?
      A. in sky level 2 Paris van java no. 131-139
      B. in sea level 2 paris van java no. 121-129
      C. in sky level 3 paris van java no. 121-129
      D. in ground level paris van java no. 131-139
      E. in under ground level paris van java no. 141-149
answer : A. in sky level 2 Paris Van Java, sukajadi street no. 131-139, Bandung West Java

18. When the writer usually go to the Gardenice?
      A. Monday, after school
      B. Wednesday after extraculicular
      C. Saturday, after doing sport in school
      D. Sunday morning
      E. Tuesday after do homework
answer : C. Saturday after doing sport in school.

19. How much price we can pay on Monday?
      A. Rp. 70.000
      B. Rp. 85.000
      C. Rp. 75.000
      D. Rp 65.000
      E. Rp. 60.000
answer :  D. 65.000 for week days.

20. Why we must wear special clothing for ice skating?
      A. Because we have look stylish
      B. Because for can quickly
      C. Because it will be safe for playing.
      D. Because it will be most popular in that place
      E. Because for invite more friends
answer : C. Because it will be safe. it can be injured and can be hurt if we fall in to ice.



   Camel is an even-toed ungulated within the genus Camelus. Bearing distinctive fatty deposite known as "humps" on its back. Camels have two rows of thick eyelashes to protect their eyes from the desert dust. They are able to close their nostrils and lips to keep out the dust. They are also able to withstand changes in body temperature and water consumption that would kill most other animals. The amount of water a camel drinks on a day basic can very greatly, as they drink to replace only the fluid they have lost. A thirsty camel can drink up to 135 liters in one sitting.
    Many species of camels in the world like Camelus dromedarius and Camelus bactrianus. We can look the different are if Camelus dromedarius or Arabian camels only have one humps. And another one Camelus bactrianus or Asian camels have two humps on its back. Camels are social animals who roam the desert in search of food and water with up to 30 other individuals. In Arab cultures, the camel symbolises patience, tolarance, and endurance.


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Amazing Structure


The Colosseum or Coliseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre (Latin: Amphitheatrum Flavium; Italian: Anfiteatro Flavio or Colosseo), is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. Built of concerte and sand, it is the largest amphitheatreever built. These three emperors are known as the Flatian dynasty, and the amphitheatre was named in Latin for its association with their family name (Flavius).Colosseum was designed to accomodate 50.000 spectators.

Constructrion, inauguration, and Roman renovation

Reconstruction Colosseum starting from the orders of King Alfero gilberto year 72 AD and completed by his son Titus in 80 AD.  By the 2nd century BC the area was densely inhabited. It was devastated by the Great Fire of  Rome in AD 64, following which Nero seized much of the area to add to his personal domain. He built the grandiose Domus Aurea on the site, in front of which he created an artificial lake surrounded by pavilions, gardens and porticoes.

In the Coliseum at the time was the venue for a spectacular show, which is a fight between animals (venetaiones), the fight between the prisoners and the animals, the execution of prisoners (noxii), water fight (naumachiae) by flooding the arena, and combats between gladiators (munera )
The name of the Coliseum as in the above is taken from the name of a statue as high as 130 feet or 40 m, Colossus. Colossus statue remade as a replacement for Nero as the parable of the sun god Sol, by adding a solar crown. In Italy, the Colosseum was named il colosseo but other Roman languages use the name Le Colisee and el coliseo to mention the Colosseum.

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Album : Talking Dream
Released : 2013, October 1
Producer : Mike Elizondo
Genres : Indie pop, rock music, American Indie Pop


I think the universe is on my side
Heaven and Earth have finally aligned
Days are good and that's the way it should be

You sprinkle star dust on my pillow case
It's like a moonbeam brushed across my face
Nights are good and that's the way it should be

You make me sing oh, la, la, La
You make a girl go oh oh
I'm in love, love

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
'Cause now I'm shining bright, so bright
Bright, so bright

And I see colors in a different way
You make what doesn't matter fade to grey
Life is good and that's the way it should be

You make me sing oh, la, la, la
You make a girl go oh oh
I'm in love, love

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
'Cause now I'm shining bright (oh) so bright
And I get lost (oh) in your eyes

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right*
'Cause now I'm shining bright, so bright
Bright, so bright
Bright, so bright
And I get lost in your eyes tonight

"I think the universe is on my side. Heaven and Earth have finally aligned.” To me this is about a relationship that just somehow clicks in a way only something greater than us can understand.

This song was reminding me about my experience of happiness. Because I think this song was having a good soul and I love the way someone to play the guitar and it feels like I'm enjoying of all the words.

Source :

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About education

"Education to Build a Better Future for All"

Sometimes I heard from many students about daily activities in school. Many students thought that their activities in school was bored and had a many homeworks. And also I had that things too from my school. Because there are to many task from teachers, events, and extraculicular. But all of them can be more fun if we do with many friends or best friends, another one we can do with enjoy and happiness. 

For my country, many students have good brain for all their subject (education) but, I think for the minus is : we have too lazy for the activities and too slowly. It means so bad because its not good for students in this country. I felt so sad because in Indonesia have good facilities

Different about another countries, in the north, center and west of the world has more good education and the process of school was logic for students. Mean while everyone in their university or job was good and not too many problems. 

Rabu, 03 Februari 2016


My last holiday was unforgettable! there was in Rancaupas Ciwidey, West Java. I have a big team from 40 Days in Europe company. They were 32 people and we had camping for one night to bring us solidarity's came true. On Saturday, my friend and I went to Rancaupas by TNL's car at 7 a.m. The journey was not too traffic because I think one day left school was coming. So we arrived there at 9.30 a.m. There was a beautiful view and we very enjoyed it. After that, we met our coaches in the middle of some trees and the mountain. We had be commanded from Kang Maul to made line of it and just like soldier. We had a bit briefing and we had lunch at the same place. The sun began to shined brightly and we still at there. I brought some bread for my lunch. But when I took it, Kang Maul changed it to my another friend. And evidently I ate two breads, because we have a plan to go somewhere and we must keep the fighting spirit. Actually, my friend and I (except our coaches) didn't know about this event that not really "cheerful camp". but maybe this is the important moment and can't be forgot.

After we're eating, we had be commanded from Kang Ridwan to made a tent. Four people for one  tent and we made it for just 20 minutes. I made it with my friends there are Sandra, Azmi and Cut. We were very team work.And we had some rules for this event there are, do not speak for each other except our coaches, do not dispose of any rubbish, and  don't be late of anytime. Shortly after the rainy came over us. So I brought my rain coat and go back to the line. After that we had commanded again for got some money from did a job. And yes I'm with my friends there are Sadida, Kang Farhan, Teh Arni and Teh Gina. We gave time for 3 hours and we didn't use watch. So we had to thought for got much money. First we had help a trader to cleaned some bowl and spoon. Second we helped a Mosque keeper to cleaned the Mosque and sweeping the yard's Mosque. Third we helped a security post to cleaned the post and made a coffee for Mr. security. And the last one we helped Mrs. trader in a stall to cleaned plates and put a soil for strawberry plant. It was verry fun I guess and finally we got Rp 66.400,00. I'm so proud because it doesn't an easy job and I'm very appreciated it.

We came the same place and we had be commanded again from Kang Ridho to buy some uncook foods.We had to bought it in grossir for 1 hour 30 minutes without speak each other except a treader. We gave some money for travel cost and I thought it will be hard to doing it but we tried to keep spirit and never gave up for this event. So we went to grossir by motorcycle from Mr. security and finally we arrived in grossir. We bought some noodles, onions, pepper, salt, and meat ball (still uncooked). after that we went back to the same place. Night was came and we had to made bonfire because the weather was cold. and we cooked for the same time and my group cooked meatball with noodle and we use flashlight for looked the food where is it. Times was up and we should ate it together. Not too bad for the food because we was hungry and cold.

At 7 p.m, we had an evalution for that event from the coaches. and we stayed, we togethers looked for the bonfire and we hold each other. After the evolution we had telling much story there and till my friends cried in there. I really touch for the story because it was not unexpected and we will go to Europe for 29 days to the festival, concert and making a movie. We don't need just make a movie, but we have to proud for our country that we can explore our music traditional that angklung to arround the world. Until we made some letter for if we can be arrived at Zakopane, Polland. So we had all in ourself to have commitment, intergrity and solidarity. And until 2 a.m we didn't sleep in there but we sang a song that "Tanah Airku" Medley. The sun was came and we took a photo for the last time.

So, that was my last holiday in Rancaupas Ciwidey, for the second I did a camping, so tired but that was fun. I had learned a lot from there and I enjoyed it. I hope for the camp, my team from 40 days in europe can achieve our goals.

Rabu, 18 November 2015

Describe Place

Now I would like to tell you about my favourite place in Bandung. My favourite place in Bandung is Gardenice rink. The reason why I choose this place for favourite place because, my hobby is ice skating and that place is my third home after my home and my school. 

First, I want to tell you where the location is. The location is at Sky level 2 in Paris Van Java Sukajadi street no.131-139, Bandung. If you want to entry the gardenice, you must entry the pvj mall first. And you can enter the gardenice. I usually go there on Saturday after doing the sport in school.

And this is the front of the place.

In gardenice, it has rink for ice skating and cafe. It has the dance room too. And I want to tell you about rink of ice skating first. The rink is not too huge than another rink in the Jakarta or Bintaro. But the rink it's very comfortable and fun. About the price, we can pay Rp65.000 for week days. And for the weekend, we can pay Rp80.000. I think it's not much too expensive because you can play it non stop or not any duration of it.

Before playing ice skating, we can rent the shoes ice skating for free. You must use it with the long socks. Because if we use short socks, it can be hurt and maybe it can be injury. After use the socks, usually you should use jacket and gloves. But, it's okay if you don't bring it both.

For the cafe, it's beside of the rink. It's not too wide, but it's very comfortable too. And I think many of food, appetizers, desserts and drinks in there. And I think it was delicious and not too expensive. But the lack of the cafe is, there is not wi-fi. So, I wish any wi-fi in there. 

So, that was my favourite place in Bandung. Thank you.